Welcome to the Liverpool Diving Club

Founded in the 1960s, Liverpool Diving Club has taught the discipline of springboard and platform diving to generations of children and young adults on Merseyside.

During the Clubs existence we have used a variety of swimming pools as our base. It’s a sign of the times that many of these pools no longer exist. Some have simply closed and others have been demolished.

In 2011, we were using the last swimming pool in Liverpool deep enough to permit the use of springboards, a University swimming pool in Mossley Hill, when it was closed down. At first we feared that our Club might close with it. Thankfully, one of our coaches, Danny, discovered the superb Nye Bevan pool in Skelmersdale with its welcoming management and staff.

Using existing club funds and with some assistance from Swim North West we have been able to move our springboards to our new home where we enjoy exclusive use of the deep end of the pool on Saturday afternoons.


After so many years with such tradition, the Club’s Committee felt it important that in moving away from Merseyside the Club should keep its name.

So we are the Liverpool Diving Club at the Nye Bevan Pool in Skelmersdale!

Why not come and join us?

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